Chinese sausage is a favorite among dishes from the East. When one is looking for a food that is high in fat and flavor, and that carries with it a long shelf life, he can find nothing better than these sausages, which, thanks to expert preparation, go far beyond what the average sausage does. The moment that one tastes Chinese sausage for the first time, he will likely want to make it a part of his everyday diet, though one does have to be careful if he wants to control his weight. The highness in protein makes it a great dish in between meals so long as one controls the size and frequency of their meals thereafter.

However, it is important not to overlook the Chinese sausage’s effectiveness as a meal. And to make it into one, it is all about the side items. One that works particularly well as a filling and tasty dish is the sticky rice and ginger scallion oil. These make perfect additions to the already sweet and dry flavor of the Chinese sausage. When preparing, however, it is important to have the right plan of attack for each component of the overall meal. Starting with the sticky rice, one should steam to perfection until the rice are like perfect grains. Meanwhile, it is advantageous to slice the sausage at this point into thin and diagonal slices. Next, one should sautes the carvings in oil, being careful not to go overboard with the amount.

To cut back on the amount of fat of the sausage selection, it may be a more preferable idea to use Vietnamese sausages, which contains less fat than the Chinese counterpart. Vietnamese sausages use more wine in the preparation for a stronger, bolder flavor that is sure to be a hit with one’s taste buds and guests. One should remember that digestion for Chinese or Vietnamese sausage can be problematic if a lesser brand of meat is used. It is important to tenderize as much as possible when preparing because, as it goes in, so will it be in the digestive tract.

While one is preparing the sticky rice and the sausage, it is also important not to forget the preparation standards of the ginger scallion oil. This oil includes 1/4 cup corn or peanut oil along with 3/4 tablespoon of ginger. One should add salt and loosely chop the 3 scallions, then mix together into a food processor. Combining the ingredients will result in a dish that goes a long way throughout the week, and also delights the taste buds.

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