canandian bacon

Canadian bacon is a U.S. term for the type of pork product that Canadians call back bacon. Canadian bacon is made made from the lean eye of the pig’s loin. It is sold fully cooked, usually smoked, and ready to eat.

Canadian bacon is roughly cylindrical. The traditional way of serving it is to cut into thick slices. In many ways, Canadian bacon is more similar to ham than to standard U.S. (streaky pork belly) bacon.

Peameal bacon

Southern Ontario Peameal Bacon is speculated to be a predecessor of the Canadian bacon. It is a type of back bacon made from unsmoked wet cured boneless pork loin trimmed like Canadian bacon. To extend shelf-life, the pork is rolled in ground dried yellow peas. Ham and bacon curer William Davies helped popularize peameal bacon in Toronto.

Nowadays, finding peameal bacon for sale can be tricky, even in Toronto, but a similar product rolled in yellow cornmeal is available. Cornmeal bacon sandwiches is considered a signature dish of Toronto’s St. Lawrence Market.

Is Canadian bacon the same as Slab bacon?

No, it’s not.

Canadian bacon is known as back bacon in Canada.

Slab bacon can be made from fatback (but also from belly and side cuts). Unlike Canadian bacon, it tends to have a very high faction of fat.

Mistaking back bacon for bacon made from fat back is probably the origin of the confusion.

Recipes that can be prepared using Canadian bacon